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How to Amplify the Signal of Your Cell Phone and Improve LTE Speed

This GSM Booster UK Guide will show you how to Boost Cell Phone Signal

The choice of a new housing depends on many criteria: its size, number of rooms, its general condition, its price, and of course its environment. But, unless you’re addicted to your smartphone, it is entirely possible that you didn’t think to check the quality of the mobile network when you visit a house or an apartment. And yet, this is essential because what more frustrating than not being able to use his mobile plan at home?

What to do if you have network problems at home?

Most people forget to check their mobile operator network coverage in their future accommodation before buying you or lease. More often, is that after having moved in they discover that they have network problems that prevent them from enjoying their mobile plan.

Don’t worry: If this happens to you, you’re not condemned to go out in the street to make your calls nor to change operator, you can always equip you with a GSM network signal amplifier Repeater.

Amplificateur cellulaire

How can a Repeater GSM amplify the signal network?

A GSM Repeater is equipment which amplifies the signal from the mobile network to compensate for the lack of coverage of your home network. It consists of an outdoor antenna, a cellular amplifier, and an internal antenna.

The operation of a GSM Repeater is simple: the network, emitted by the antenna relay from your mobile operator, the signal is picked up by the outdoor antenna, through the Repeater that amplifies it then happens to the indoor antenna that transmits to your mobile phone. As the Cellular Amplifier has strengthened the network signal, you won’t experience network issues.

There are many models of GSM repeaters (for dwelling, building, car,…). Many Choose your GSM amplifier, to take into account several criteria: frequency bands used by GSM Repeater (so that it is compatible with your mobile carrier’s network), use you want in make (improve the network for your calls, Internet or both signal), the size of your home…

Also, the frequencies used by mobile operators are managed by ARCEP, the use of a GSM Repeater that amplifies the signal network is subject to obtaining administrative authorization (see article L41-1 of the Code of posts and) electronic communications).

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